FLORIDA: Tens Of Alleged Ex-Gays March In Orlando

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Amid calls from activists in Orange County for a ban on gay conversion therapy, conservative and religious groups along with two men who survived the Pulse nightclub shooting hosted a rally Saturday at Lake Eola Park promoting “deliverance to the LGBTQ community” through religion.

Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan in an interview Friday with non-profit Truth Wins Out revealed she attended a church as a teen that promoted conversion therapy, which she described as “abusive.” She said she was told by the group that her homosexuality would “leave [her] body as an orange mucous” and was set up on dates with gay men who were also told they could become straight.

“To those who are thinking about entering an ex-gay ministry, I would really encourage you to get some counseling outside of the church and really get a handle on where you are at, because I think they will take advantage of you, they will make you dependent and they will not do what’s in your best interest,” Sheehan told Truth Wins Out.

The Christian Post claims “hundreds” attended the event.