Falwell: I Never Said I Wasn’t At That Miami Nightclub And I Was Only There 30 Minutes To Hear The Music

The Christian Post reports:

A photographer has pushed back against any suggestion that images he captured of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. at a Miami Beach nightclub in July 2014 were photo-shopped as the Christian college leader admitted Wednesday to being at the club for about 30 minutes.

In a statement to Politico, Jerry Falwell allegedly denied the existence of any photo of him at the club in an in-depth report by LU graduate Ambrosino that purports to paint a “culture of fear and self-dealing at the largest Christian college in the world.”

“There was no picture snapped of me at WALL nightclub or any other nightclub,” Falwell told the publication. “I’m sure you already knew that though.” In a tweet on Wednesday Falwell admitted he was at the nightclub but didn’t back away from his claim that the photos of him at the nightclub were likely fake.