Evangelist: I’ve Created 32 Zombies And You Can Too

Charisma News, the site best known here for its anti-witchcraft tutorials, its claim that the lifespan of gays is shortened by 20 years, its warning that burning breakfast eggs can summon demons, and its declaration that yoga is white witchcraft, today provides advice on creating zombies.

An eighth-generation preacher from Louisiana, David Hogan gives glory to the power of the Holy Spirit for raising 32 dead bodies to life during 37 years of ministry in 88 nations. He boldly declares that the power of God to restore life is in the hands of ordinary believers who dare to believe in supernatural signs, wonders and miracles.

On Monday night, Hogan called down the power of God on 8,000 people in an outdoor amphitheater west of Denver, decreeing the miraculous works of God through them to the ends of the earth in Jesus’ name. “I want you to raise your hands up,” Hogan said at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

“Tonight is your night to be empowered with the fire and the zeal and the power of the Holy Spirit to take our land, to heal our land, to heal our sick, to cast out demons, to cleanse the lepers and to raise the dead. Raising the dead is possible for ordinary people who believe in the extraordinary power of God, he said.

As you’ll see in the clip below, Hogan claims to have himself been raised from the dead. Twice. Because he’s such a good teacher.