Elizabeth Warren Adopts Gov. Jay Inslee’s Climate Plan

CNN reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday announced she would adopt Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s 10-year climate plan, while also expanding on his blueprint with a series of additional investments costing $1 trillion to offer additional protections to workers and help fund a radical transition of American infrastructure and industry away from fossil fuels.

The Warren proposal, which would cost $3 trillion total, was released on the eve of a CNN town hall focused exclusively on the climate crisis. The Massachusetts senator is one of 10 2020 Democratic primary candidates scheduled to take questions Wednesday night on their environmental plans.

Warren’s announcement signals her hopes of picking up the climate change baton from Inslee, who dropped out of the race on August 21, the same day he released the final piece of his comprehensive plan. In a Medium post published Tuesday night, Warren also challenged her rivals to meet Inslee’s standard.