Dem Candidates Warned Not To Curse During Debate

We certainly wouldn’t want to offend the tender ears of millions of President Shithole’s evangelical cultists.

Ahead of the third Democratic presidential primary debate in Houston this week, candidates are being instructed to clean up their language. In an email to campaigns obtained Tuesday by CNN, officials from the Democratic National Committee and ABC News — the host network of the debate — warned the candidates to refrain from swearing on the debate stage so as not to run afoul of Federal Communications Commission indecency rules.

“We will not be broadcasting on any delay, so there will be no opportunity to edit out foul language,” the note read. “Candidates should therefore avoid cursing or expletives in accordance with federal law and FCC guidelines.” A source told CNN this is the first such warning the campaigns have received. The previous Democratic debates of this cycle were hosted by cable networks MSNBC and CNN, which aren’t subject to FCC rules