Confessed Liar Sarah Sanders Complains ON FOX NEWS About Media Outlets Mixing Opinion With Their News

“I think all of media needs to take a good hard look at how they put the news out. It’s gotten so much where there’s no process, there’s no accountability, no check and balance. It’s not just the New York Times. Politico, CNN, they all, within the last week, have had these major gaffes in their coverage.

“I think that we have to start taking so much of the opinion out of the news. It’s a good news story if you can read it and you have no idea which side the journalist is on and it’s very hard to find that. There’s a big difference between commentators and news, and we have blended those so that there is no difference anymore.

“We’ve got to go back where those are separate.” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who confessed to Robert Mueller that she had lied to the press and the nation, speaking today on Fox News about bias in the media.