Christian Prophetess: God Destroyed The Bahamas Due To All The Underground Sex Trafficking Tunnels [VIDEO]

“The Bahamas got hit a lot. I am just gonna leak out a little information for you, that people may not even know about, but you need to know that a lot of the human trafficking goes on there, in that very place, and it’s being exposed, because God’s exposing stuff like that.

“I’m not saying everyone on the island was involved in that, but that is a huge center, where a lot of people who are trapped in human trafficking, and those people doing it, are involved in a huge way, in the Bahamas, they use the Bahamas as part of their transport system and they actually have tunnels.

“This is already gonna be in the news — they have tunnels where they file through there. I think the tunnels were wiped out by the storm. So you never know why sometimes things happen in some areas and some don’t.” – Self-proclaimed prophetess Kat Kerr.

Kerr’s Facebook and YouTube clips typically get tens of thousands of views. Sometimes a lot more.

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