Charges Dropped Against Homocon Aaron Schock

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Six months after striking a rare deal with prosecutors, former U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock on Wednesday was officially cleared of criminal charges alleging he used his campaign funds as a private piggy bank. Completing what’s known as a deferred prosecution, federal prosecutors in Chicago dropped all charges against Schock after he completed a probationary period where he stayed out of trouble and paid back $68,000 to his congressional campaign funds that he’d used for personal expenses.

Schock, who was not required to be in court and indeed did not show, officially has a clean record, meaning he would be free to run for public office again if he chose to do so. Schock’s attorney, George Terwilliger III, said after the hearing, “A just result was achieved when this case was reviewed objectively by seasoned prosecutors committed to justice rather than the prior making of untoward and outlandish allegations.”