CANADA: LGBTQ Gym Closes Temporarily After “Patriot” Extremists Dox Staff Members In Series Of Online Posts

The CBC reports:

An Edmonton LGBTQ gym has temporarily closed after it was the target of a series of blog posts, prompting an investigation from the Edmonton Police Hate Crimes Unit.

In a statement posted to Facebook on Thursday, Queerflex board members said their team had been maliciously identified in posts by Patriot Pride Canada Wide, a far right organization which has been described as a hate group.

The blog published two posts targeting Queerflex to its site on Tuesday. The posts claim Queerflex is a breeding ground for domestic terrorism, while saying people who use the gym are “gender confused unicorns.” The gym has closed indefinitely while police investigate and the gym tightens security at the property.

The Toronto Star reports:

Queerflex posted a statement on Facebook Thursday and their website forwarded to a landing page that said the gym was temporarily closed, effective Wednesday.

The Facebook statement said members of the Queerflex team and the gym itself were victims of doxxing, which is when personal information about individuals is posted online with malicious intent.

“QUEERFLEX takes any threats — direct or implied — to our members, contractors, volunteers, and anyone affiliated with our gym seriously … Although we have been assured by multiple channels that this small group has not been known to show themselves in person, we do not want to take any chances with anyone’s safety,” the statement reads.