CALIFORNIA: Anti-Vax Protester Throws Menstrual Blood On State Senators, “This Is For The Dead Babies”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

The California Senate was forced from its chamber and halted work for more than three hours on the final day of its session after an opponent of mandatory childhood vaccinations poured what appeared to be blood on lawmakers from the gallery Friday evening. Stunned lawmakers left the chamber and security officers cleared the gallery and floor after the 5:14 p.m. incident.

The California Highway Patrol said it arrested a woman who “threw a feminine hygiene device containing what appeared to be blood onto the Senate floor.” The agency said the liquid landed on several senators. “That’s for the dead babies,” the woman shouted as she threw the liquid from the balcony overlooking the Senate floor.

A video posted on Periscope showed a woman dressed all in black, repeatedly saying dead babies’ “blood is on your hands” as she was surrounded in a Capitol hallway by CHP officers. She was eventually handcuffed and led away. The CHP identified her as Rebecca Dalelio, 43.