Axios: Trump’s Anti-Biden Plan Is Hillary 2016 2.0

A keen observation from Axios:

President Trump is reviving his 2016 playbook, trying to sully or smear the Biden family reputation, like he did with the Clintons during his last campaign. When Trump was running against Hillary Clinton, he seized on her email servers and past scandals. He hammered her on the issue, and used it to define her with many voters. Clinton couldn’t put it to rest early, and it dragged her down through the end.

Now, Trump wants to use questions about Hunter Biden’s work in Ukraine, and any alleged involvement by his father, Joe Biden, as the 2020 sequel to the email servers. In both cases, he twists reality to make it seem like everyone’s dirty. Once again, Trump is trying to paint his opponent as shady, hoping it will be an early, definitional wound. Biden, learning the lessons of 2016, seems determined not to let Trump pin him into a corner.

Hit the link for Trump’s anti-Biden playlist.