Axios: Fake “Trumpcare” Insurance Offers Are Growing

Axios reports:

Do a quick search for health insurance, and you’ll find plenty of ads for “Trumpcare” plans that cost $59 or less per month. But there’s a catch: Trumpcare doesn’t exist, and many of these advertised plans offer bare-bones coverage.

Why it matters: For people who buy health insurance on their own instead of receiving it through an employer, searching for a plan is already challenging. And deceptive marketing only makes it harder, especially when these plans will leave consumers on the hook for potentially ruinous medical bills.

Jeff Smedsrud, co-founder of, a site that has advertised “Trumpcare” plans, said he didn’t think it was misleading to use that framing for plans that are sold through its brokers.

These Trumpcare scams remind us of the many right wing Super PAC scams, which also prey on Trump’s most ardent fans.