#WalkAway Homocon Plugged #QAnon At Trump Rally

The Washington Post reports:

Before President Trump came to the stage at his rally in Cincinnati on Thursday, several other speakers warmed up the crowd. One was Brandon Straka, founder of the “Walk Away” movement. Straka was a liberal, until, as he told the crowd, he learned that the media falsely reported that Trump had mocked a disabled reporter during the 2016 campaign. (Trump did do that.)

“This is not a president who panders to minorities because he needs them,” Straka said. “This is a president who serves minorities because he loves them. And he loves this country. We are all in this together. Where we go one, we go all.”

To the casual observer, that last line may seem fairly anodyne, a clunky but earnest way of capturing the sentiment behind “e pluribus unum.” But it is not anodyne. It is, in fact, the main rallying cry of QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Hit the link for more about the increasingly large QAnon presence at Trump’s rallies. Just yesterday the FBI labeled QAnon as a “domestic terrorism threat.”

Brandon Straka last appeared on JMG in June when he sued the New York City LGBT Community Center for $20 million for canceling his event.