US Catholic Group Backs Criminalizing Homosexuality

Via email from the Catholic hate group C-FAM:

If President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Secretary Pompeo are serious about defending the unborn child at the UN, religious freedom around the world, and promoting unalienable rights, then they will rethink this new policy of promoting homosexual acts internationally.

Something will have to give. It is a plain fact that promoting the LGBT agenda will harm the life issues, religious freedom and undermine unalienable rights.

While we at C-FAM oppose the death penalty for homosexual acts, it should not to be up the United States to regulate the sexual norms of other societies. We are risking major advances in life and religious freedom for the wishes of a single gay U.S. Ambassador in Germany, someone I still count as a friend.

Homosexuality is a controversial topic in the UN General Assembly. Over 70 countries outlaw homosexual acts or even the promotion of homosexuality. These governments say that all individuals are entitled to the same human rights protections, including individuals who identify as LGBT, but that homosexual acts are not protected by human rights law.

They may find the Trump administration’s campaign inconsistent with President Trump’s statements in the General Assembly about respect for sovereignty and family values.

Homosexual acts, like all nonmarital sexual activity, are not protected by internationally agreed human rights law. International law only protects sexual autonomy in the context of the equal right of men and women to marry and found a family.

We need you in these slow months. Please go to and give as much as you can. Spread the word. Be daring. Keep the faith.

C-FAM last appeared on JMG in 2018 when they “begged” the United Nations to block sex education programs, which “only lead children to sin and death.”

NOTE: C-FAM president Austin Ruse is known to the troll the comments threads here at JMG.

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