Trump HUD Official: Hillary Had Jeffrey Epstein Killed

The Daily Beast reports:

Moments after billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was announced dead in what law enforcement sources described as an apparent suicide in his New York City jail cell, conspiracy theories about his death erupted on social media by people who suspected foul play. “Hillary’d!!” Lynne Patton, a Trump-appointed head of public housing in New York and New Jersey posted on Instagram shortly after Epstein was reported dead. “P.S. Let me know when I’m supposed to feel badly about this…”

Patton concluded the post with a hashtag alluding to a right-wing conspiracy theory that falsely claims the Clinton family orchestrated the death of a former deputy White House Counsel. Patton was far from the only social media user to implicate the Clintons in Epstein’s death. On Saturday morning, “Another Clinton,” “#ClintonBodyCount,” and “#ClintonCrimeFamily” trended on Twitter, alongside “‘Suicide’” (in quotation marks) and “Prince Andrew.”

Patton last made headlines when she scoffed at having violated Hatch Act rules, effectively saying “come get me.”

Earlier this year she was trotted out during a US House hearing as evidence that Trump isn’t racist.

She has also mocked death threats against Rep. Ilhan Omar and called reporter April Ryan “Miss Piggy.”

Oh, and she lied about having attended Yale.