Trump Has Promoted 23 Books He Saw On Fox News

Matt Gertz reports at Media Matters:

Trump is notoriously averse to reading anything but cable news chyrons. Asked about his book-reading habits in 2016, he said, “I read passages. I read — I read areas, I read chapters. I just — I don’t have the time.” He then reeled off a list of Fox hosts whose programs he watches instead.

Those programs are frequently the source of Trump’s book recommendations, which are typically for hagiographies of Trump’s presidency, condemnations of his perceived enemies, or a combination of the two. Their authors are often Fox personalities (some of whom serve dual roles as outside presidential advisers) or former members of his campaign or administration.

In their Fox interviews, these authors typically laud Trump and criticize his foes, catching the attention of the president, who surely knows little more about the book than what he’s seen on Fox. He then sends a tweet telling his followers to read their books, often just minutes after the segment airs.

Hit the link for much more, including a listing of all of the books, which are all by completely horrible people.