Trump Could Save Millions From Fed Cut He Pushed

From the ethics watchdog group CREW:

The recent Federal Reserve interest rate cut has clear political benefits for President Trump, but it appears the cut will be doubly beneficial to him, as he also now stands to save millions in loan payments in coming years as a result of the rate cut. Trump reported five mortgages and loans on his 2019 personal financial disclosure at rates that tend to track the rates set by the Fed: the Prime rate, and the LIBOR. Together, he reported variable-rate loans worth at least $180 million.

Therefore, the 0.25% cut in Fed rates will likely save Trump hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on these loans he has taken out on his business properties. After the announcement of the rate cut this week, Trump tweeted that Fed Chair Powell “let us down” and that the market wanted a “lengthy and aggressive rate-cutting cycle”– appearing to push for deeper cuts in the future that could save him millions more.