Trump 2020 Campaign Still Owes El Paso $569,000

Public Integrity reports:

President Donald Trump has pledged the federal government will provide “whatever is needed” to help El Paso, Texas, recover from a mass shooting Saturday that killed 22 people. But Trump’s own 2020 re-election committee still hasn’t paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in police and public safety-related bills and late fees that El Paso city officials say it owes from Trump’s campaign visit on Feb. 11.

Trump’s re-election committee owes El Paso municipal government $569,204, according to an invoice to the Trump campaign dated July 18. Of that amount, $470,417 comes from an initial bill El Paso sent Trump in March, with the rest attributable to late fees the city tacked on in June. The amount could fund the annual salaries of several El Paso police officers, whom Trump on Monday praised along with other law enforcement officials for responding with “extraordinary grace and courage of American heroes.”