Todd Starnes: We Have Been Invaded By A “Rampaging Horde” Just Like When Nazis Invaded France [VIDEO]

“I do believe that we have been invaded. That we have been invaded by a horde, a rampaging horde, of illegal aliens. This has been a slow-moving invasion. That’s a fair description of what we have suffered here in this country. Because the nation has suffered.

“We have spent billions and billions of our tax dollars taking care of the illegals. Many families have suffered, they have been the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. I‘m not saying that all of them are violent criminals but a good many are.

“When you go back in time and when you look at what an invasion is, whether it’s the Nazis invading France and western Europe, whether it’s the Muslims invading a country back in the early years, it was an invasion.

“When you have one group of people, whether it’s 25 or 25,000, when they cross another country’s border without permission, that is what we call an invasion.” – Todd Starnes, on his Fox Nation show today.