TEXAS: Homocon LGBT Nightclub Owner To Challenge Rep. Joaquin Castro, Boycott Of His Nightclub Ensues

Metro Weekly reports:

LGBTQ people in San Antonio are boycotting a gay bar after its Trump-supporting owner announced his bid for Congress. Mauro Garza, owner of Pegasus nightclub in San Antonio, will seek the Republican nomination in Congressional District 20 — after previously failing to get elected in a different district in 2018.

Garza, who is gay, a member of the Log Cabin Republicans, and identifies as a conservative, previously campaigned on his support for Trump, wearing a red cap in 2018 that said “Make TX-21 Greater.” Should Garza succeed in his bid for the nomination, he would face LGBTQ ally Rep. Joaquin Castro in the general election.

Hit the link for more about Garza. A Twitter account seen below is leading the charge to boycott his nightclub.

Garza’s Twitter bio includes the hashtag #Sovereignty, which is a favorite of the Brexiteers.

His campaign site includes this line: “I will advocate Conservative Reform for the LGBT+ Community.”

Rather notably, Garza tagged nutjob Fox personalities Zircon & Burlap in his campaign announcement.