Prayer Vigil Held Outside Grocery Store After Cashier Told To Stop Asking Patrons If She Can Pray For Them

Atlanta’s NBC News affiliate reports:

A prayer vigil was held Wednesday night for a woman who says she’s been asked to stop praying at work. Nearly 100 people showed up to support “Ms. Barbara,” who has been praying for customers for years at an Ingles store in Cartersville, where she works as a cashier.

“We’re here to support Ms. Barbara. Even though she does not want the publicity, the woman needs to be recognized,” supporter Kurt Viert told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon.

Ms. Barbara declined to comment, but her supporters said management asked her to stop praying this week after a customer complained, claiming the prayers were leading to a long line. When she hands you your receipt, she will lightly touch your hand and she’ll say, ‘May I pray for you?'” customer Sherry Rogers said.

According to Wikipedia, Ingles has 17,500 employees at over 200 stores located in six southern states. Revenue in 2018 was $3.7 billion.