Prager To Trump’s Christian Critics: People Sin, Grow Up

“I hear this all the time – and it’s people who call themselves Christians who are writing this – ‘You guys are giving such a black eye to religion and to Christianity specifically for supporting such a sinful man.’ The argument to me is staggeringly immature, but you deal with it all the time. Theirs is a phony argument. The left lies with the ease that you breathe. We’re voting for a president, not a pastor. People sin, my friend. Grow up.” – Religious activist Dennis Prager.

Prager last appearing on JMG when he declared that “leftism makes people meaner.”

Prior to that he told his followers that sending their children to college will only “alienate them from Jesus and America.”

And most pertinent to today’s quote, last year Prager shouted that Christians support Trump because they “take the bible seriously.”