Pastor Charged With Stealing $631K From HIV Charity

The New York Daily News reports:

A Bronx pastor took money meant to help HIV-positive drug addicts and used it to jet off to the Caribbean and lavish himself with gifts, prosecutors said Wednesday.

In his role as president and CEO of Addicts Rehabilitation Center Fund and the Addicts Rehabilitation Center Foundation, Rev. Reginald Williams, 67, scammed the nonprofits out of more than $631,000, authorities said. Williams allegedly used the money to pay off his American Express bill and write cashier’s checks to himself and his wife.

Prosecutors said Williams also had a lucrative expense reimbursement hustle. They said he expensed $100,000 spent on trips to the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic and treated himself to $170,000 worth of dinners and bar tabs. He allegedly double-dipped his reimbursements by submitting the same receipts to both ARC affiliates.