One Million Moms Vs American Library Association

Just in from hate group leader Monica Cole:

Drag Queen Story Hour, a time set aside for men to dress as garishly adorned women and read LGBTQ-themed books to young children, is being held in public libraries all across the country – all in the name of public service. And the American Library Association (ALA) is supporting it.

Public libraries are targeting our children by hosting these reading hours that are saturated in absolute filth. Our children are being “groomed” by drag queens under the disguise of education. Some drag queens have even admitted that their goal is to “groom” the next generation. Drag Queen Story Hour events are not enhancing learning but, instead, brainwashing our preschoolers and elementary-age children.

Both public and school libraries nationwide are hosting Drag Queen Story Hour events solely to indoctrinate children into transgenderism and homosexuality. The goal is to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle, and the American Library Association is defending these efforts when it should be protecting our children and refusing to take part this abomination.

The American Library Association membership, which currently exceeds 60,000 members, is open to any person or organization, though most of its members are libraries or librarians.

TAKE ACTION: Sign our petition urging the American Library Association to put an end to Drag Queen Story Hour at libraries under its leadership.