Ohio State Seeks Trademark On The Word “The”

The Columbus Dispatch reports:

Ohio State University wants to trademark the word “The” when used in conjunction with the university’s name on items marketed for sale. The university submitted a trademark application Aug. 8 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington.

The request is for a standard character trademark for the title “The Ohio State University.” Some of the items covered would include T-shirts, baseball caps and hats, according to the university’s application.

NBC News reports:

For years, the university’s demand that it be called “THE Ohio State University” has rankled sports fans and journalists, who’ve called it “pompous and stupid,” “ridiculous” and “arrogant.”

Partisans, including the university, point out that “the” is part of its name under state law. And Chris Davey, a spokesman for the university, said Tuesday that it’s important to “vigorously protect the university’s brand and trademarks.”

Ohio State’s greatest rival, the University of Michigan, poked fun at the filing on Wednesday, tweeting the satirical suggestion that it had trademarked the word “OF.”