New Poll Shows Top Five 2020 Dems Beating Trump

Just out this morning from Quinnipiac Polling:

If the 2020 presidential election were held today, 54 percent of registered voters say that they would vote for former Vice President Joe Biden, while only 38 percent would vote for President Trump. Matchups against other top Democrats show: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders topping Trump 53 – 39 percent; Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren ahead of Trump 52 – 40 percent; California Sen. Kamala Harris beating Trump 51 – 40 percent; South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg leading with 49 percent to Trump’s 40 percent.

The race for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president has remained steady, with little to no movement since the last time the Quinnipiac University Poll asked the primary question nationwide in early August. Biden leads the pack with 32 percent of Democratic voters and independent voters who lean Democratic, followed by Warren at 19 percent. Sanders has 15 percent, while Harris gets 7 percent, and Buttigieg gets 5 percent. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang receives 3 percent, and no other candidate tops 1 percent.

Another poll issued today shows similar results.