Log Cabin Quislings Endorse Trump For Reelection

Chris Johnson reports at the Washington Blade:

In a turnabout from 2016, the National Log Cabin Republicans has endorsed Trump for re-election, asserting he “met his commitments” to LGBT people. Robert Kabel and Jill Holman — who both are gay and serve as chair and vice chair of Log Cabin, respectively — announced the endorsement Thursday in an op-ed for the Washington Post.

“To be treated equally, fairly and justly under the law is our goal, and we know that ‘Inclusion Wins’ is a mantra we share with the president,” they write. “The Log Cabin Republicans endorse Donald Trump for re-election as president.”

The endorsement is a surprise for numerous reasons. For starters, critics have said the Trump administration is overwhelmingly hostile to LGBT rights.

Log Cabin declined to endorse Trump in 2016 after he failed to meet with them, which had been a criterion until then. It doesn’t appear that he met with them this time either.

In the above-linked piece, Johnson also notes that their endorsement usually comes at the GOP convention, which isn’t until next year. Something is afoot.