Loesch Blames Shootings On “Men Without Chests”

“We realize that it’s almost even politically incorrect to talk about the family culture, or the home environment, or the lack of respect for life or the hatred of Hispanics that was taught to this individual, apparently, but let’s go ahead and just target video games, oh my gosh, let’s throw this out there. I get people want to do something. Believe me. Do you really want to do something? Or do you want it just to look like you want to do something?

“Because if you want it to look like you want to do something without really doing something this is the road you go down. There have been mass murderers and mass shooters in the past 10 years who didn’t play video games and who were just as craven. Just as craven. No it’s not that. That is not the problem. What is the phrase — we have men without chests — that’s the problem. We have a culture that doesn’t teach respect for life.” – Dana Loesch, on her radio show.