Liberty Counsel Issues Money Beg To Defend Kim Davis

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

On Friday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued two opinions in the cases of Ermold v. Davis, Yates v. Davis, and Miller v. Davis. These cases center on whether the plaintiffs are entitled to attorney fees and/or damages, and, if so, whether the Commonwealth, Rowan County, or Kim Davis is liable for payment. In the Miller appeal, the Sixth Circuit ruled that the Commonwealth of Kentucky is liable for attorney’s fees, not the county, nor Kim Davis.

But in the Ermold appeal, the court agrees with lower court Judge Bunning that Kim in her official capacity has sovereign immunity because she acted for the state (not the county). However, the court ruled that Kim Davis has no qualified immunity as an individual. Kim risked everything she had rather than violate her conscience. She refused to endorse what God prohibits by issuing marriage licenses with her signature to same-sex couples.

Now the plaintiffs will return to court to argue that Kim should be personally liable for damages. We will continue to defend Kim Davis, and we appreciate your prayers as we continue this fight. There is no final ruling on whether Kim Davis is liable for damages. The court noted that the case is at a very “early” stage and that no discovery has been conducted on this issue.

And because of her stand—which inspired millions around the globe—her future is in real jeopardy. Not only that, but radical LGBT activists and their allies want revenge. That’s why they poured thousands into the campaign chest of a man running to defeat her as Rowan County Clerk. Will you donate now to help Kim through to victory—and to help Liberty Counsel defend freedom, life and marriage in other cases across America?