Kentucky Gov: Casinos Have Suicides “Every Night”

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports:

Gov. Matt Bevin says suicides are part of the societal costs related to casino gambling, as he lashed out at his opponent’s support for expanded gambling as a way to help fund pensions.

In a radio interview Wednesday, Bevin said: “Every night somewhere in America, somebody takes their life in a casino because they’ve wasted the last semblance of dignity and hope that they had.” Bevin says “families are ruined” due to gambling.

Kentucky’s Republican governor made the comments on WKDZ without offering evidence. His Democratic challenger, Andy Beshear, wants to push for expanded gambling as a revenue resource to support chronically underfunded public pension systems.

Card Player reports:

Bill Miller, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association, a gaming advocacy group, said that the comments made by the governor were completely untrue.

“Governor Bevin’s comments this morning about the casino gaming industry were patently false and irresponsible,” said Miller in a statement.

“Our industry commits hundreds of millions of dollars a year to address the very serious issue of problem gambling, ensuring that patrons have the tools they need to engage in our offerings in a responsible manner.”

Bevin last appeared on JMG when he blamed the shooting of a child on a teachers strike.