Johnson Wins Early Battle Over Suspending Parliament

Yahoo News reports:

Boris Johnson has said legal challenges to his decision to prorogue Parliament are making the prospect of obtaining a deal “less likely”. The Prime Minister hit out at his critics on Friday morning following the news that a bid by a cross-party group of more than 70 politicians to overturn the suspension had been refused by a Scottish court.

“I’m afraid that the more our friends and partners think, at the back of their mind, that Brexit could be stopped, that the UK could be kept in by Parliament, the less likely they are to give us the deal that we need,” Mr Johnson said.

Following the Queen’s approval of the PM’s request for Parliament to be suspended for five weeks from September 10, the group had sought an ‘interim interdict’ to block the suspension until a final decision had been made on the case.

As noted below, the denial is temporary and the case will resume next week with former Prime Minister John Major as an added plaintiff.