Jacob Wohl Reportedly Hired To Send Death Threats

Will Sommer reports at The Daily Beast:

A perennial House candidate’s alleged harassment of his ex-girlfriend has gone so far that he apparently hired notorious conservative operative Jacob Wohl to pressure her and a former campaign worker, according to text messages and a recording reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Wohl is best known for his blundering, often comical attempts at political trickery, including failed schemes to concoct bogus sexual-assault allegations against former Special Counsel Robert Mueller and presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg.

But text messages from a phone number belonging to Wohl suggest that the 21-year-old hoaxer has branched out into making death threats on behalf of his political allies, telling one woman he would “torture you so much that you end up killing yourself.”

The perennial House candidate in question is Omar Navarro, who last appeared on JMG when a planned Proud Boys rally collapsed over internal squabbling over cocaine use and sex. Hit the link above for more.