Homocon Writer Axed For Colluding With Extremists

The Daily Beast reports:

The conservative op-ed website Quillette announced Monday night that controversial right-wing writer Andy Ngo is leaving his job as an editor at the site, an announcement that comes on the same day that a Portland newspaper published a story revealing that Ngo witnessed a far-right group planning violence but never reported it.

Ngo, a photographer who was until recently a sub-editor at Quillette, became a celebrity on Fox News and other pro-Trump media outlets after he was attacked by left-wing demonstrators at a Portland political rally in June. Ngo then became prominent as an opponent of political violence, with most of his criticism aimed at the left.

The Portland Mercury reports:

Andy Ngo, a conservative writer who’s built a Twitter persona around filming fights between antifa and right-wing extremists (that, and trying to convince people that hate crime allegations raised by LGBTQ+ Portlanders are simply “hoaxes”). Ngo tags along with Patriot Prayer during demonstrations, hoping to catch footage of an altercation.

Ben says Ngo doesn’t film Patriot Prayer protesters discussing strategies or motives. He only turns his camera on when members of antifa enter the scene. “There’s an understanding,” he says, “that Patriot Prayer protects him and he protects them.”

There’s much more to the story at both links above. Ngo became a cause célèbre on right wing sites earlier this summer when a milkshake was thrown on him. This July profile of Ngo by Buzzfeed is worth your time.