Homocon Fake News Site Went Fake News On El Paso

Talking Points Memo reports:

After initial reports identified Patrick Crusius as the alleged gunman behind the the El Paso Walmart massacre that left 22 people dead and more wounded, Jim Hoft, founder of the right-wing conspiracy website The Gateway Pundit, presented an inaccurate picture of Crusius to his readers.

Selectively plucking information from the reputation management website MyLife, which can be edited anonymously by anyone, Hoft set about reporting that the gunman was really a Democrat, and that “Leftists” on the web were editing the gunman’s MyLife profile in real time.

The conspiracy website, which was given temporary White House press credentials early in the Trump administration, did stumble upon an obvious truth about MyLife: It’s easily edited and thus not a reliable source of biographical information.

As I noted yesterday, the dead giveaway when the Trump cultists do this is that they invariably list the gunman as registered with the “Democrat Party.” Which, of course, does not exist. The Gateway Pundit has been sued multiple times for false reporting. Jim Hoft first gained infamy several years ago when he became widely known as “the dumbest man on the internet.”