Hate Group NOM Allows Web Domain To Expire

The web domain for the National Organization for Marriage, arguably both the most prominent and least effective of anti-marriage equality groups, has expired.

This could be a simple oversight on their part as Brian Brown is now heavily involved in leading anti-LGBT campaigns in foreign countries that are more receptive to his particular brand of viciously anti-equality Catholicism.

For what it’s worth, NOMblog.com had so little traffic, it doesn’t even register on sites that measure such things.

Nevertheless, I’ve put in the required whopping $12 bid to snap up the domain, which will redirect to JMG if I’m successful.

Thanks to JMG reader Chuck for the tip.

RELATED: Hate group leader Matt Barber’s nastily anti-LGBT site, BarbWire, also went offline a few months ago. Last time I checked, Barber was trying to sell the domain for $100,000. Seriously.