GoFundMe Drive Launched To Help Gun Shop Used By Gilroy Shooter Defend Against “Frivolous Lawsuits”

The Reno Gazette-Journal reports:

The Northern Nevada gun dealer who sold the gun used by the shooter in the Gilroy, California, mass shooting said on his Facebook page that he is facing “in theory, a minimum of 15 lawsuits” from victims of the shooting. The post and ensuing comments, posted Tuesday but since deleted, went on to speculate that the number of lawsuits filed against Big Mike’s Guns & Ammo could be over 50.

A GoFundMe has been started to help with “frivolous lawsuits” leveled against the business and owner Michael Christopherson, and to “provide additional safety measures to keep his family safe form ongoing threats of harm.” “We hope we don’t need the funds and would love to return it or donate it. God bless everyone,” Michael Christopherson, the owner of Big Mikes Gun and Ammo wrote on Facebook. “Some people will want to give to the families instead of us. We back you 100%.”

The GoFundMe page currently shows $2715.