Glorious Leader Lied Publicly 84 Times Last week

Twitter legend Daniel Dale reports for CNN:

President Donald Trump spent most of last week at his Bedminster golf club, where he sometimes retreats from the public eye. When he left Washington for New Jersey, we thought there was a chance it would be a quiet week in presidential dishonesty. Naturally, he made 84 false claims.

That was his highest total in the six weeks we’ve been counting at CNN. (The one-week record for his presidency, which came just before the 2018 midterms, was 240 false claims, according to our previous count at the Toronto Star.) He had made a relatively paltry 21 false claims the week before last.

He made 27 at a campaign rally in New Hampshire and 26 in a Pennsylvania speech that was officially about energy but ended up being about assorted other things Trump felt like talking about. Trump added 15 false claims in exchanges with reporters, six in two interviews with New Hampshire media and 10 on Twitter.