FDA Proposes Graphic Warnings For Cigarette Packs

The New York Times reports:

The corpse is gone. So are the grief-stricken woman, the rotting teeth and the man struggling to smoke despite a hole in his windpipe. Nine years after the Food and Drug Administration first proposed graphic images as warnings on cigarette packs but was thwarted by tobacco companies in a successful court battle, the agency announced on Thursday that it is finally issuing a new set.

Each of the 13 proposed warnings would cover the top half of a cigarette pack, to be used in rotation by manufacturers along with a variety of updated statements about the health risks of smoking. “When you look at the current warnings on the side of cigarette packs, they are virtually invisible,” said Mitchell Zeller, who runs the F.D.A.’s tobacco division. “The diseases embedded in these images will improve public understanding of the negative consequences of cigarette smoking.”