Ex-Trump Aide Loses “Abortion Pill” Defamation Suit

Law & Crime reports:

Former Trump communications staffer and ex-CNN commentator Jason Miller has lost his legal battle with Gizmodo Media Group for reporting that he tried to induce an abortion in a woman.

For about a year, Miller pursued a $100 million defamation lawsuit against Gizmodo after one of its subsidiaries released an article that said Miller gave a smoothie spiked with an abortion pill to a strip club dancer he impregnated.

The claim came from A.J. Delgado, a former Mediaite contributor who worked with Miller during their involvement with the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Miller’s suit was important in its own right because it tested some ambiguity in the law with respect to New York’s fair report privilege, which impedes civil actions over any publication of a fair and true report of a judicial proceeding.

In particular, Miller argued that because the accusation originated from a sealed family court filing, the article was outside the bounds of immunity. In granting summary judgment to Gizmodo, U.S. District Court Judge Cecilia Altonago shoots down Miller’s contention.

“Under a long line of New York cases… New York’s fair report privilege generally applies to sealed documents,” writes the judge, further rejecting Miller’s secondary argument that prior cases had carved out exceptions.

Miller last appeared on JMG for acknowledging that he has hired hookers “many times,” a revelation he made during a deposition in the Gizmodo case.

Early last month Miller lost his consulting job after a Twitter tirade in which he called Rep. Jerry Nadler a “fat fuck.” He’s since deleted his account.

RELATED: Miller resigned from the Trump campaign in 2016 after then-coworker A.J. Delgado accused him of fathering her child in their adulterous affair. Miller later acknowledged paternity. In 2018 Delgado accused Miller of secretly slipping “abortion pills” into a stripper’s drink after that woman had revealed her pregnancy.