Christian Prophet: The Lord Showed Me A Vision That The White House Was Bugged By The FBI And The CIA

“God showed me the vision of the White House. What I saw was that the entire residence, the Oval Office, and the areas of the residence of the president are bugged. And it’s bugged by the CIA and the FBI and the dark ops and I said, ‘They’re in a conspiracy to make sure that this topples.’ And I said that the Lord showed that it is even in the paint on the sides of the walls.

“I said that, ‘The Lord says not to trust the CIA, not to trust the FBI, nor to trust government surveillance to get it. Bring in an outside source, either bring in the Israelis or some outside source that you can trust and debug it, clean it, and don’t move.’” – Self-described Christian prophet Frank Amedia, who says the bugs were removed after he warned the Family Research Council.

As you may recall, this is the same nutbag who claims to have raised an ant from the dead after squishing it.

Oh, and he’s also stopped tsunamis and turned away hurricanes with the power of the holy spirit.

Not to mention his prediction that “demonic hornets” will soon be stinging Americans with “lustful homosexuality.”

Amedia last appeared on JMG when he declared that the Space Force is part of the plan to bring back Jesus Christ.