Christian Activist: Just Because Trump Says And Does Racist Things Doesn’t Make His Supporters Also Racists

“Now, in the final stage, the accusation is broadened: Anyone who votes for Trump is a racist, specifically, a white supremacist. This is what we are up against. This is not to say that President Trump has done nothing to play into racist stereotypes (such as his “Go back” tweets).

“And this is not to deny that the President has exacerbated racial tensions in America, adding to the damage done by the identity politics of President Obama. And this is not to say that those on the right are always fair, balanced, and blameless.

“But it is to say that what the left is doing is insidious. It is character assassination on a massive scale. And it is utterly destructive.The scariest thing of all is that these pundits and politicians actually believe what they’re saying. The left has brainwashed itself. – Anti-LGBT activist Michael Brown, writing for the Christian Post.

Brown last appeared on JMG when he declared Netflix to be an “anti-straight bully” because they wouldn’t let the Straight Pride group illegally use their logo.

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