Undocumented Former Trump Golf Club Workers Seek White House Meeting To Plead Against Being Deported

The Associated Press reports:

A group of immigrant workers fired from President Donald Trump’s golf clubs say they want to meet with him at the White House to make the case that they should not be deported.

The 21 maids, groundskeepers and other workers fired earlier this year from five of Trump’s clubs asked their former employer in a letter this week to remember all their hard work and give them a chance to make their case in person why they should stay in the country.

“I’m hopeful that he’ll look at the letter. I believe he has a heart,” said Gabriel Sedano, who worked for 14 years as a handyman at Trump’s club in Westchester County, New York, before he was fired in January.

According to the AP, the workers have so far only received a form letter in response.