Trump Trolled At Right Wing Event With Presidential Seal Featuring Golf Clubs And Russian Icons [VIDEO]

The Washington Post reports:

Following a 12-minute video illustrating Trump’s rise to the presidency, music blared as the president’s name flashed across a giant screen in a bold shade of red. Trump took the stage and soaked in the raucous cheers from hundreds of young supporters packed inside the Marriott Marquis in Washington.

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point’s outspoken founder and executive director, was on his left. But the image on the screen to Trump’s right — captured in dozens of photos and videos from the event — is less familiar.

The image almost resembles the official seal of the president, but a closer examination reveals alterations that seem to poke fun at the president’s golfing penchant and accusations that he has ties to Russia. Neither the White House nor Turning Point knows how it got there or who created it.

The Guardian reports:

First, the eagle has not one but two heads – making it look a lot like Russia’s coat of arms. And instead of holding arrows, as the bird does in the US seal, it’s holding golf clubs.

In other words, a proud presidential symbol was apparently reworked to shame Trump over two of the biggest targets of anti-Trump criticism – Russian involvement in the 2016 election and excessive golfing – and it was displayed behind the president for all to see.

Richard Painter, the chief White House ethics lawyer under George W Bush, said Trump aides should have kept a closer eye on things. “Someone is going to be getting in trouble,” he told the Post, “but they got one heck of a good laugh out of it.”

The image appears to originate on a site selling anti-Trump gear. The seller is listed as “One Term Donnie.”

Instead of  “E Pluribus Unum,” the seal reads “45 Es Un Titere.” That translates as “45 Is A Puppet.”