Trump To Tabloid: I’m “Not Unhappy” With Racism Vote

Britain’s Daily Mail tabloid reports:

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he’s ‘not unhappy’ with the result of a political war over his recent comments that Democrats were quick to brand as racist. In a brief phone call a few hours before he will speak to a rally crowd in North Carolina, he told The Daily Mail that his game of mental jiu-jitsu with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was ‘one of the all-time classics.’

The president excitedly recounted the recent accusations of racial animus flying between different factions of the House Democratic caucus, and his own role in stoking the fire that ultimately resulted in their vote to rebuke him. Asked if he planned that sequence of events and the one that followed yesterday, which ended with the passage of a resolution condemning him, he paused. ‘Well, let’s put it this way,’ Trump said. ‘I’m not unhappy.’