Trump To Host Alt-Right Extremists At White House

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump has summoned Republican lawmakers, political strategists and social media stars to the White House on Thursday to discuss the “opportunities and challenges” of the Web — but his upcoming summit, critics say, could end up empowering online provocateurs who have adopted controversial political tactics entering the 2020 election campaign.

The high-profile gathering follows months of attacks from Trump claiming that Facebook, Google and Twitter — all services the president taps to talk to supporters — secretly censor right-leaning users, websites and other content online, a charge of political bias that each of the tech giants strongly deny.

Media Matters today published a lengthy report on the invited nutbags. They included QAnon freak show Bill Mitchell, InfoWars “meme war” winner Carpe Donkum, Charlie “Wear Diapers To Own The Libs” Kirk, far-right cartoonist Ben Garrison (Michelle Obama is a man, Pizzagate, QAnon, etc), Ali “Kamala Harris Isn’t Black” Akbar, convicted scammer James O’Keefe, and Newsmax founder Brent Bozell, who is most infamous here for calling Obama a “skinny ghetto crackhead.”