Trump: Maybe Paul Ryan Was Bribed To Insult Me

New York Magazine reports:

In a lengthy rant to reporters at the White House today that was unhinged even by Trumpian standards, the president made several attacks on the former Speaker of the House. Employing his favorite method of turning the insult around on the insulter, Trump claimed it was Ryan who had no knowledge of the government: “Frankly, he was a baby, he didn’t know what he was doing.”

More strangely, Trump’s indictment of Ryan’s tenure includes lambasting him for failing to get subpoenas: “He was no leader … he wouldn’t get subpoenas … when Nancy Pelosi hands them out like they’re cookies.” And most strangely of all, Trump insinuated Ryan is only criticizing him because he is accepting secret bribes. “For him to be going out and opening his mouth is pretty incredible. But maybe he gets paid.”