Trump Cultist Dilbert Cartoonist Scott Adams Exploits California’s Mass Shooting To Sell His “Witness” App

Law & Crime reports:

After a shooter armed with a semi-automatic rifle gunned down numerous people at a California festival on Sunday, Scott Adams, who is the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, used the mass act of violence to promote his new app and urged survivors to download it.

“If you were a witness to the #GilroyGarlicFestivalshooting please sign on to Interface by WhenHub (free app) and you can set your price to take calls. Use keyword Gilroy,” tweeted Adams, despite police stating at the time that the shooting scene — where three people were killed and over a dozen were injured — was still active.

Adams, whose app appears to be a do-it-yourself PR network for supposed experts to get in touch with the media, has since doubled down on his attempts to monetize mass violence, tweeting on Monday that the coverage of his promotion-by-shooting ad campaign is all “fake outrage.”

You may recall that in 2016 Adams declared that if there were no more mass shootings before the election it would “prove that ISIS loves Hillary Clinton.”