Trump Condemns “Radical Left” For Boycotts After Personally Supporting Boycotts Of Many Companies

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump on Tuesday night came to the defense of Home Depot, calling those who choose not to shop at the home improvement retailer because of financial ties between its billionaire co-founder, Bernard Marcus, and his presidential campaign “vicious and totally crazed.”

He painted Marcus, 90, as a victim of left-wing Democrats wielding “one of their often used weapons.”

If boycotting is a tactic favored by the left, it is a predilection shared by Trump. In his time as president and as a private person, he has repeatedly advised consumers to shun brands he says have slighted him personally, interfered with his agenda or harmed the national interest.

Since entering politics, Trump has called for boycotting Starbucks, Oreo’s, Macy’s, Apple, Harley-Davidson, the Broadway smash Hamilton, and pretty much every media outlet you’ve ever heard of. That’s just for starters.