Trump 2020: Social Media Is The Enemy Of The People

From today’s Team Trump 2020 fundraising email:

This is absurd – Coastal Elites are turning their “nonpartisan” platforms into liberal soapboxes.

They’re simultaneously pushing BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST agendas while silencing conservative American Patriots.

What they’re doing isn’t right. In fact, it’s downright UN-AMERICAN. That’s why on July 11th, President Trump held the first ever Presidential Social Media Summit to meet with conservative social media influencers to discuss the ongoing CENSORSHIP crisis.

Partnered with the FAKE NEWS media, the tremendous dishonesty, bias, discrimination, and suppression by these so-called “open-minded communities,” is unparalleled.

Even with all of the suppression in 2016, President Trump still won, but it’s getting so much worse…

They have truly become an Enemy of the People, and now, President Trump wants YOUR input on this unprecedented suppression of conservatives on Social Media.