Tony Perkins: Hooray, Some Young People Hate LGBTs

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

For everyone who’s tired of scrolling through rainbow pride, here’s some good news. This constant saturation of LGBT messaging may finally be having an effect — and not the one liberals were counting on. Turns out, the Left’s in-your-face approach to sexuality is backfiring, and in the least likely generation of all.

Think the opposition to the LGBT agenda is only in the aging populations? Think again. The latest wave of resistance is in the last place most people would look: the 18-34 demographic. The children of Obergefell aren’t exactly racing to get on the radical bandwagon that’s redefined marriage.

In the latest Harris Poll for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the acceptance of this extreme agenda is dwindling — and young people are leading the revolt. In just a couple of years, statisticians have seen a huge decline in support for an agenda most liberals took for granted.

After years of watching this vocal minority push around Christians and refuse to tolerate other viewpoints, this group of young people has finally had enough. After all, they’re the generation who’s been forced to use gender-neutral pronouns, share locker rooms with the opposite sex, lose sports meets to biological boys, and embrace every other form of political correctness.

As I reported last week, for several questions in the survey the drop in LGBT support was a much as 12 points. That may not be a “huge decline” as Perkins claims, but it’s definitely concerning.